Propeller Kits

We are factory authorized to sell and service propellers from McCauley, MT Propeller, and Hartzell. We are also authorized to sell and service STC kits from these manufacturers. These kits include McCauley’s “Black Mac,” Hartzell’s “Top Prop,” and the various kits from MT Propeller.

We also support the sales and service of many lines of propeller governors. Those lines include products from McCauley , Woodward, Hartzell, PCU5000, MT Governor, Edo-Aire, Garwin, and Jihostroj.

Propeller Manufacturers:

PCU5000 Propeller Control Units

AirCraft Manufacturers:


Cessna Propeller Kits
Beechcraft Propeller Kit
Piper Propellers
Garwin Governors


Edo-Aire Governors